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Increase productivity with our next-gen workforce planning software

Workforce forecasting, scheduling, and time and attendance can cause headaches. But getting the right people in the right place at the right time every time needs to become the norm.

The Challenge 

  • If you can’t forecast demand, you have no chance of staffing accurately.
  • Different versions lead to confusion over schedules.
  • Inaccurate wage reporting and sales forecasting leads to a loss of control.
  • Lateness and absenteeism hit your profits.
  • Managers find it impossible to keep track of what tasks have been completed.

See your profits rise, service improve and customer satisfaction increase. With intelligent workforce management analytics, you can make even better decisions.

Key Benefits

  • Create perfect schedules with super-accurate demand forecasting technology.
  • One version of the truth avoids duplications and errors.
  • Simple interface makes it incredibly easy to use.
  • Handy tools help you never over- or under-staff again.
  • Integrating time and attendance in real time helps create optimized schedules.
  • My Schedules makes it easier to manage schedules, including shift swaps, unavailability, etc.
  • Multiple levels of approval and snapshot comparisons give you insight into your workforce requirements.



Demand Planning

The Problem
Traditionally, demand forecasting has been manual, unreliable and inaccurate, resulting in too many staff – or too few. You never want to turn customers away or make them wait too long. When you are already dealing with lateness and absenteeism, your manager is left firefighting.

Our Solution
Our demand planning software transforms forecasting from clunky and manual into a smooth, easy process. Now you can understand your customers’ behavior in detail and base your decisions on that. Predictive analytics help you meet customer demand effectively and profitably.

Labor Productivity

The Problem
To give customers the right experience, you don’t just need the right kind of staff, you need the right number of them at any given time. Get it wrong and you waste money, upset customers and lose profits.

Our Solution
Our labor management software system uses variables such as current trends, weather and local events to work out how many team members you need, in what roles, for each 15-minute period of the day. It’s easy to use and gives you the insight you need to make better decisions.

Labour Productivity Video





The Problem
As you know, it can be nearly impossible to get a complete picture of schedules across multiple sites. Errors go undetected, costs are incurred after it’s too late, and profits and efficiency suffer.

Our Solution
Our easy-to-use workforce scheduling software provides fully-costed wage forecasting. It gives you multiple levels of schedule approval and snapshot comparisons – and a complete view of employee work patterns across multiple sites. Sophisticated exception reporting saves time. Accurate wage reporting and sales forecasting help you stay in control. And with Fourth Analytics, you'll be able to quickly spot and react to trends.

My Schedules

The Problem
Staying on top of changes in schedules can be tricky for managers and employees alike. Employees’ notes of when they’re unavailable are easy to miss and shift swaps mean the published schedule can go out of date quickly. And if a manager needs more staff at short notice they face phone calls, texts or a group chat to find cover. As soon as it’s resolved, the schedule needs updating again.

Our Solution
My Schedules makes sure everyone can see the most up-to-date version of the schedule. Managers can offer open or split shifts, or emergency shifts if an employee is absent, and approve shift swaps from their mobile device. Employees can use their mobile to volunteer for overtime, arrange swaps or suggest unavailability. And once these are approved, everything is updated on the schedule and everyone has instant access to the latest version.


Time & Attendance

The Problem
Managing attendance across multiple sites is challenging. Your employees sometimes arrive late, take long breaks, leave early or don't come in at all. All this missed time frustrates the manager, compromises customer service and contributes directly to lower revenue.

Our Solution
We have a range of time and attendance options to meet your specific needs, including biometric readers and facial recognition. All options are fully integrated with HR and POS systems to ensure accurate and timely attendance tracking. Data is sent automatically to the scheduling tool, enabling managers to easily control pay. No more employee form-filling and no more manual input and reconciliation. Less lateness and absenteeism means significant savings and the tool automatically allows for unpaid breaks. With Fourth Analytics, you will also see trends and be able to understand the underlying story.

Time & Attendance


Manager Workflow


Manager Workflow

The Problem
Operating efficiently means managers carrying out essential tasks each shift. It should work like clockwork, but reality is often different. An unexpected rush of customers, stock shortages or unauthorized staff absences mean that they are often too busy firefighting to plan ahead.

Our Solution
With our workflow solutions, you get maximum operational efficiency everywhere, all the time. All daily tasks, from amending and signing off yesterday’s shifts to reviewing today’s sales and labor forecast, are taken care of. The manager workflow tool shows all tasks clearly and logs each task as it is completed. No more dropped balls, just smooth, efficient operation.

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Our Workforce Management solution is available in four Editions, depending on how much control you want.


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