Applicant Tracking

Snap up talented candidates without cutting corners

To recruit the best employees you need a process that is quick and easy for everyone, but includes all the relevant checks and balances. It also needs to be completely on-brand, to immerse applicants in your company culture from day one.

The Challenge

  • Hiring good staff takes too long and involves too much paperwork.
  • It’s difficult to manage the end-to-end hiring process clearly, simply and transparently.
  • Managing advertising and applicant tracking is too administration heavy and time consuming.

Key Benefits

  • Avoid duplication and errors with information flowing through the system, from applicant tracking to onboarding, scheduling and payroll.
  • Drastically reduce the time and cost of hiring new staff.
  • Eliminate paper with a fully digital process, including electronic signatures.
  • Immerse applicants in your culture from day one with a fully branded careers page that’s integrated with your website.




The Problem
Hiring new employees can be a huge administration burden – especially with a manual, paper-based process.

Our Solution
With Fourth, the time it takes to hire new employees can be reduced by 30% or more. Posting jobs, receiving resumes, sorting potential applicants and communicating and scheduling an interview is simplified and streamlined.

Vacancy Creation

The Problem
Managers need to fill vacancies fast and lengthy creation and approval processes cause unwanted delays. However, you still need to control what information gets released outside the company.

Our Solution
With integrations with dozens of job boards and social networks to advertise job listings, creating a new vacancy can be completed quickly and easily. Integrations include Indeed, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Craigslist, Twitter and Facebook.

Digital Dashboard

The Problem
Paper-based recruitment processes take too long, which means you can miss out on the best talent. It’s also difficult for people to see where they are and what to do next, and stay on top of documentation relating to a candidate.

Our Solution
Hiring managers use the intuitive digital dashboard to filter, screen and manage candidates. Everyone can see where they are and what needs to happen next, which speeds up the whole process. You can even store notes against the candidates as they move through the process, along with all of their documentation in one central place.


The Problem
Sifting through applicant information to find the best talent takes a long time. Which is exactly what managers don’t have. There’s always a risk that good candidates slip through the net.

Our Solution
You can screen applicants using whatever pre-screening questions you choose, allowing candidates that don’t meet your criteria to be quickly removed from the process. Different actions or responses can be weighted in different ways, so you can find the candidates that are the best fit.


The Problem
Paper-based, manual recruitment processes make it difficult to see exactly what’s happening with roles and candidates. To truly understand your recruitment processes, you need to bring data together manually.

Our Solution
Our reports let managers see the whole process, so they can monitor, measure and track recruitment at every stage.

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