Supplier, inventory and workforce management solutions – integrated and made easy.

We are from hospitality ourselves, so we understand what you need to succeed. Our platform has been built to make the complex simple. It helps get your managers out of the back office and in front of customers and staff.

  • 8 hours average back office task time savings
  • 1-3% typical margin improvement
  • 2% labour productivity efficiencies

Purchase to Pay & Inventory

Automate and streamline the entire process with Fourth’s cloud-based solution.

An integrated mobile solution for all procurement, invoice processing with 3-way match automation, inventory and recipe control, nutritional and allergen information management and menu publishing – all with smart approvals functionality. The centralized purchasing workflows, data management and reporting mean total transparency and compliance, increased revenues and lower costs. And world-class analytics tell you what you need to know, 24/7.

  • 100% purchasing compliance
  • 1-6% cost of sale improvement
  • ROI in 3 months
  • Eliminates a typical 1-3% supplier overcharge

Fourth Purchase to Pay & Inventory Solutions

Workforce Management

Right people, right time, right place, right details and right pay – every time.

Our workforce management software helps you hire, onboard, train, remunerate and retain the best talent. Processes are digitized and simplified. Smart workflows help managers handle every aspect of their staff.

  • Accurate paycheck every time
  • 100% compliance
  • ROI in 3 months
  • 1-3% wage cost efficiencies through optimum labor productivity

Fourth Workforce Management Solutions

HR & Payroll Services

Remove administrative workload and focus on growth.

Our HR & Payroll services provide flexible options tailored to your individual needs. Designed to control costs, reduce employer-related risks and relieve the administration burdens of HR, we save you valuable time so you can focus on your goals.

  • HR Outsourced Services
  • Payroll Processing & Tax Filing
  • IRS Certified PEO Service
  • Employee Benefit Service


Analytics & Data

Insight and intelligence without the cost and complexity.

Fourth Analytics turns raw data into practical insight, so you make better decisions faster. It brings information to life in vivid, easy-to-use graphics across inventory, labor and payroll, recipe management and purchase-to-pay, plus other sources like POS, social media and review sites. You get a complete picture and a single source of truth.

  • All data you need in one place
  • Easy integration of third-party solutions
  • Flash P&L combines data from multiple areas to automate key business reporting and eliminate errors
  • No more weekly Excel reports

Fourth Analytics & Data Solution

Collaboration, integration, access and more

Fourth provides simple but secure ID management so employees only need one user name and password for all their apps (including non-Fourth). Integration with other technologies means data flows smoothly in and out of the Fourth platform, to reduce admin, eliminate errors and deepen your understanding. Mobile tools help teams collaborate, while tasks and notifications make sure nothing is missed.

  • Role-based access to all applications with one user name and password
  • Open architecture for simplified integration with other solutions
  • ROI in 3 months
  • Easy task management and collaboration across the whole business


Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am a supplier — how can I connect with Fourth customers?

    It’s easy to link — Fourth has a dedicated technical team which links new suppliers into the extensive Fourth trading network every day.

    If instead you offer technology solutions, such as a POS or ATS systems, then visit our Developer Hub for details about our partner program.

  • What data do you feed into Fourth Analytics?

    FA turns all the labor data and Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) data from the Fourth solution into insight – and full integration with other data sources, for example, POS, completes the picture.

  • Our restaurants & bars have used the same ordering system for years:  seems to work - why should I change to Fourth?

    If your system doesn’t deliver 1-3% in purchasing compliance, reduce waste by 1-3%, provide 100% ordering reliability and manage cost before it is spent, then talk to us – we can help make that happen for you.

Fourth’s solution transformed our business in a very short space of time. We couldn’t run our business without it.

We rely on Fourth’s systems to reduce our costs, optimise our labour and improve our margins. Fourth systems gives us greater visibility on expenses and enable us spend more time on customer service.