Nutrition & Menu Publishing

Easily track, calculate and publish nutritional and allergen information.

Avoid costly lab testing to identify the nutritional information of your recipes, and publish nutrition and allergen information to websites, apps, digital boards, menus and much more with in a single click.

The Challenges

  • It’s hard to ensure nutrition and allergen information is accurate and available at all times.
  • Publishing new menus takes time and is expensive.
  • Nutritional and allergen legislation increases your business risk.
  • Customers need accurate information but staff find it hard to access.

Key Benefits

  • Improve the guest experience by allowing them to filter menu options, such as by low calorie or gluten-free.
  • Staff can check nutritional and allergen data for customers on the go – and whenever needed.
  • Single-click publishing of menu information, including nutrition and allergens, to websites, apps, menu boards and more.
  • Easily create printed menus and labels with pre-built templates.
  • With nutritional information at their fingertips, chefs can easily build new recipes to meet consumer demand for healthier options.




The Problem
Whatever you choose to display – calories, fat, sugar, protein, salt, carbohydrates or any other nutritional information – having each dish lab-tested to confirm its nutritional content is costly and time-consuming. And the costs are repeated each time the menu changes.

Our Solution
Our recipe and menu engineering software automatically calculates the nutritional value of your recipes from information entered manually, uploaded by suppliers or downloaded from the globally-recognized USDA and McCance & Widdowson databases. This means no lab costs and consultancy fees ever. Now you can easily and accurately label dishes with nutritional information with every menu change.

Fourth on Food Information Regulations

Menu Engineering: Allergens Tour



The Problem
Complying with legislative requirements is a challenge. You need to ensure teams understand allergens in menu items so that customers can be advised correctly. And you also need to guarantee that the menus developed at your head office are prepared to the exact specification every time at every site.

Our Solution
Our menu engineering software solution is your magic ingredient. All the allergen data you need is calculated automatically for every menu item. This same information is displayed and automatically updated directly from the system to everywhere your menus will be seen, including electronic signage, the staff’s tablets on site, your website, the POS system and more.

Fourth on Food Information Regulations

Menu Publishing

The Problem
Making sure your customers can easily access accurate information about your menu is challenging – especially when you’re including nutritional and allergen details. Any changes to the menu means time and money spent redesigning content, and errors or quick changes can be costly. For multi-site operations, it’s also difficult to ensure that changes are applied across all sites and all menus are consistent and synchronized. Customers also now expect more information to be available online, with the ability to interact with content to research and plan where they spend their money.

Our Solution
Reduce the time and cost of updating menus by automatically publishing changes with a single click – instantly updating your website, apps, digital signage, registers and more. Improve the customer experience and ensure compliance with legislation by providing full menu information, including nutritional and allergen information, in easy-to-use, interactive web pages that allow customers to filter items to create a personalized dining experience.

One-click menu publishing with full nutrition and allergen information.

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