Inventory Management

Visibility and control across the whole organization – from 1 to 1,000 sites

To run your business profitably you need inventory management with full transparency and complete control.

The Challenges

  • You don’t know how much you’ve spent until it’s too late.
  • You don’t know what stock you’re holding across your operation – or how much cash is tied up in it.
  • Getting reliable information takes too long, so it’s immediately out of date.
  • Stock is wasted – but you don’t know how much.
  • Paper-based counting and re-keying of data is a recipe for mistakes.

Our inventory control solution integrates with purchase-to-pay, recipe engineering and POS to deliver impeccable inventory control. Now it's easy to get the information you need.

Key Benefits

  • Detailed line-by-line stock control highlights discrepancies between actual and theoretical, so managers can act quickly.
  • Inventory management tools help you move stock easily through the business, eliminating excess stockholding and avoiding over-ordering.
  • Speed up stock counts and ensure accuracy by completing stock counts on mobile devices, even when there’s no signal.
  • Real-time capture of discounts and comps increases accuracy.
  • Key metrics highlight the causes of waste requiring immediate action – and theft is easily identified.
  • Complete counts faster and more accurately with a fully mobile solution.



Inventory Management

The Problem
Managing stock across the organization accurately in real time is notoriously complex. Over-ordering, wastage, theft and manual counting skew reports and lead to poor purchasing decisions.

Our Solution
Automate the whole process with inventory system management. Reliable reporting gives you one version of the truth – and mean you always have the right stock in the right place at the right time. No more and no less.

Inventory Management: Stock Count Tour


Inventory Management: Wastage Tour


Requisitions & Transfers

The Problem
Managing vast numbers of stock items with variable sell-by dates against a backdrop of variable demand at many different locations brings incredible challenges.

Our Solution
With our inventory management software, requisitions and transfers are child’s play. Requisitions are easily handled, whether storeroom-to-outlet or outlet-to-outlet, along with standard transfers, cross-property transfers and returns. The result is total cost-by-outlet visibility.

Inventory Management: Transfers & Requisitions Tour


Counting mobile app

Mobile Stock Counting

The Problem
Stock counts can be time consuming tasks and prone to errors due to the need to print count sheets and manually re-key data once the count has been completed.

Our Solution
With our mobile counting app, stock counting is fast and easy, allowing staff to count what’s in front of them rather than what’s on the sheet. And counts can be completed offline, with all data being uploaded to the system once a signal is available. No more paper, and no more errors from re-keying data.

Point of Sale Integration

The Problem
Errors and duplications are commonplace when processes to manage and control stock at the back of house are not in sync with the sales entered into the POS at the front of house. The true picture is distorted – as are any decisions based on the data.

Our Solution
Our inventory management system fully integrates with your POS, creating a complete business system to reduce costs and improve efficiency. You can see on-hand inventory in each outlet at any given time. And smart analytics gives you a complete view of your whole operation.

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Fourth’s inventory management system has improved our profitability by enabling great visiblity on our inventory ordering and management. Overall, there has been a fantastic 4.88% difference in GP in favour of last financial year. I expect this to improve still further.

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Alain Grand-port Group Financial Controller


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