Tasks & Notifications

Make sure nothing is missed.

The Challenges

  • Users receive task notifications from a variety of apps and systems, making it difficult to stay on top of what needs doing. 
  • Millennial workers are more responsive to notifications on apps than to emails.
  • You want employees to receive notifications, but don’t want to set up an email account for every employee.
  • Physical message notice boards are outdated, cluttered, and easy to overlook

The Fourth Platform allows tasks and notifications to be received in one place, speeding up information delivery and task completion.

Key Benefits

  • All notifications and alerts are in one central place, making sure nothing is missed. 
  • Deep linking from notifications gets users straight to what they need to do, so they can complete tasks more quickly.
  • Non-Fourth applications can also be integrated into the Fourth Platform, so everything is accessible from one place.
  • Employees to be set up for an account without needing a corporate email address. 




The Problem
For your business to run smoothly, a number of day-to-day tasks need to be properly managed and completed on time. For example, if an order is missed, you risk items being off-menu which negatively impacts the guest experience, or you have to place an emergency order with an alternative supplier, which impacts your bottom line.

Our Solution
With the Fourth Platform, users are notified of upcoming tasks to make sure nothing is missed--such as reminding users when to place an order, or to approve a purchase order or employee vacation requests. With deep linking, users are taken from the notification directly to the relevant part of the solution, to get them straight to what they need. And with integrations, tasks from non-Fourth applications can also be included, so everything is in one place.



The Problem
Keeping everyone up-to-date in your business can be a huge challenge, especially when it comes to important announcements like new menu releases or policy changes that impact multiple sites. Either information is communicated during team meetings, which don’t always get full attendance (or attention), or by email which can be easily missed. And if not all employees have a corporate email address, information can’t be delivered securely.

Our Solution
With the Fourth Platform, employees receive notifications on their mobile devices. Whether it’s a company-wide announcement, a task that needs to be completed, vacation time approvals, shift changes or a direct message, push notifications ensure everyone is in the loop. Not only does this minimize the number of questions managers have to deal with, but also it helps staff feel more connected with the business, boosting employee engagement.