The Challenges

  • Employees are working in silos and not connecting across the business.
  • Best practices aren’t being shared across different sites.
  • You don’t get any feedback from your workforce on shared information because it’s not easy to respond.
  • Using apps like Facebook or WhatsApp require manual admin and risk sensitive information being shared with the wrong people. 

Key Benefits

  • Employees can quickly and easily connect on all levels of your business and with colleagues across sites.
  • Because employees are better connected, best practices are better shared across the business.
  • Employees can give instant feedback on information that’s been shared.
  • All communication is via Fourth Engage and is held securely within your network, where access can automatically be revoked if an employee leaves the business.



Collaborative Working

The Problem
With employees spread across multiple sites and working at different times, building a cohesive and collaborative working culture can be a challenge. Information is often communicated only from the top down, and feedback from staff is thin on the ground. Teams operate in silos and best-practices aren’t shared between teams or sites.

Our Solution
With Fourth Engage, it’s much easier for teams to collaborate across sites, teams and management levels. Information can be quickly and easily shared across your business, across teams or on a one-to-one basis. Staff can like or add comments to posts so you get instant feedback from your workforce, and teams can learn best practices from one another. And once you’ve developed a more collaborative culture, employees feel better connected to the business, which helps reduce staff turnover.


Secure Communication

The Problem
Some operators have turned to platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook to facilitate communication between teams. But because these are external applications, administration can be very manual. This also risks someone remaining a part of a group even after they’ve left your business. With employees often moving among competitors, you need to make sure that details of menu launches, promotions or internal challenges are properly controlled.

Our Solution
Fourth Engage is a fully-integrated part of Fourth’s Workforce Management solution, which means access to the app is enabled and disabled centrally. If an employee leaves the business, their access is immediately revoked so you can be confident that private or sensitive information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.