Fourth Platform

Hospitality technology redesigned from the inside out 

The Fourth Platform has been developed to make your business more predictable and more profitable – and give customers a better experience.

Fully integrated and built only for hospitality, it gives you a complete picture of your organization based on a single version of the truth. This generates new, invaluable insights that you can act on instantly.

You get full control of your business, and the confidence to make better decisions more quickly and scale effectively. Meanwhile, by simplifying complex processes, we help you get managers out of the back office and in front of customers and staff.



The Fourth Platform - Fully integratedFully integrated so data flows smoothly through the system, reducing admin and eliminating errors. The Fourth Platform - Simplified integrationCompatible with other technologies to remove obstacles and deepen analytics.
The Fourth Platform - Mobile solutionsMobile solutions to get managers away from their desks and give employees the freedom and responsibility they need. The Fourth Platform - Secure ID managementSimple but secure ID management so employees only need one user name and password to access all applications (Fourth and others) through single sign-on (SSO).
The Fourth Platform - Hospitality specific dashboards and analyticsHospitality-specific, out-of-the box dashboards and analytics that fuse purchase-to-pay and inventory data and workforce management information with feeds from POS, social media, review sites and more for advanced, actionable insights. The Fourth Platform - Complete back-office solutionComplete back-office solution that covers workforce management, purchase-to-pay, inventory management and recipe and menu engineering.

Built only for hospitality

Fourth only serves the hospitality sector and we’ve been developing specialist hospitality software for 20 years. You can be confident that we have the depth of functionality you need.

What’s more, over this time we’ve built deeper and deeper integration across all our solutions, ensuring that data flows smoothly through the platform. We’ve also built robust integration with third-party technologies including all major POS providers, along with tools to simplify integrations with new technologies as required.


A platform for the future

The Fourth Platform - More on mobileWe know that millennial workers live and work on mobile. That’s why we’ve developed a range of self-service apps for core functions, so employees get the experience they want and managers don’t get bogged down in admin.
The Fourth Platform - Open architectureWe also know that there’s a booming market in hospitality apps. That’s why our platform has an open architecture, so you can integrate with any peripheral applications you need.
The Fourth Platform - Committed to innovationWe are committed to innovation, so our customers stay at least one step ahead. That’s why we reinvest 20% of our revenue in R&D. The Fourth Platform - Machine learning and data scienceMachine learning is already built into the Fourth platform with our unique predictive forecast, but we can do more. That’s why we’re investing in a multi-million dollar, multi-year R&D program for Data Science in Hospitality.


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