Above all, our solutions give you freedom. It means you have the right inventory at the right price in the right place and the tools you need to accurately schedule, manage and pay your workforce. So your managers and teams are free to give great service – and you are free to focus on growing the business.

Purchase-to-Pay & Inventory

Say goodbye to those awkward “Sorry, we’ve run out,” conversations by automating your processes. Ordering, taking delivery of and paying only for inventory received at the correct price used to be complex at best and long or painful at worst. With the Fourth Platform, you can automate the whole process, safe in the knowledge that you are paying the right price for timely, correctly delivered orders. And staff can do tasks such as goods receiving and stock counts on mobile devices, speeding up processes and eliminating the risk of errors through rekeying data.

  • 100% supplier compliance
  • 0% supplier overcharge
Fourth Purchase to Pay & Inventory Solutions

Workforce Planning

Maximize labor productivity and meet customer demand. We can make your operations run like clockwork. Our software makes schedule planning and shift swapping easy, while making sure that you only pay for hours worked. Our unique mobile app reduces staff turnover and recruitment costs by getting employees engaged. It also reduces the burden on HR by allowing employees to access and amend their own information.

Fourth Workforce Management Solutions

HR & Payroll Services

Our HR & Payroll services provide flexible options tailored to your individual needs. Designed to control costs, reduce employer-related risks and relieve the administration burden of HR, we save you valuable time so you can focus on your goals.

Fourth Workforce Management Solutions

Analytics & Data

Your business produces loads of data every day. With Fourth Analytics, you can filter and sift to find what’s really important – and see it clearly on customized dashboards. Compare sites and measure performance across complex, multi-site businesses. See which managers are the most accurate forecasters and learn from your menu availability stats.

Easy integrations mean data can flow to and from your other applications for added efficiency and deeper analytics. Now you can have your data any way you need it, any time you want it.

Fourth Analytics & Data Solution


Collaboration, Integrations, Identity & Access, Tasks & Notifications

Simple but secure ID management means employees only need to remember one user name and password to access all their applications (including non-Fourth). Data flows smoothly in and out of the Fourth platform to reduce administration and errors and deepen analytics. Mobile tools help teams collaborate, while tasks and notifications make sure nothing is missed.