Payroll Processing & Tax Filing Service

Ensuring employees are paid accurately and on time can also be a time-consuming headache that exposes you to constantly changing liabilities.

“As we roll out Leon in the US, we are so grateful to be in the safe hands of Fourth. We truly believe we’d be a bit lost and certainly failing in the hands of a non-hospitality-specific payroll service provider. The support from our dedicated Fourth team is unparalleled, and their knowledge of US payroll is encyclopedic. We would definitely recommend Fourth to a hospitality owner wanting to get their payroll 100% right, 100% of the time.” – Glenn Edwards, Managing Director & Nickie Bartsch, Head of Training and Recruitment, LEON USA.

The Challenges

  • Managing payroll is labor-intensive and requires too much administration.
  • You’re not 100% confident that your employees will be paid the right amount at the right time.
  • Systems aren’t integrated, meaning you need information from multiple systems to run payroll.
  • When you have questions, you need to speak to multiple people to get the right answer or address issues.
  • It’s difficult to stay on top of federal and state tax reporting.

We’ve put great effort into designing a service model with simple processes don’t disrupt your business, and allow you to truly spend more time in the revenue-generating areas of your business.

Key Benefits

  • Ensure accurate payroll with information flowing from the industry’s only fully-integrated HR, scheduling and payroll solution. 
  • On-demand access to a dedicated, qualified hospitality payroll specialist.
  • Eliminate risk of penalties, as compliance with payroll legislation is looked after by our team.
  • Improved employee experience with the option of replacing checks with payment cards, making it easier and cheaper to access their pay.
  • Eliminate the risk of missing deadlines with our team taking care of all payments to employees, and state and other government agencies. 

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Fully Managed Flexible Service

The Problem
Ensuring your employees are paid the right amount at the right time can be a big challenge, especially in the hospitality sector where you need to consider multiple employments, varying pay rates, shift work, variable hours, temporary staff and PTO.

Our Solution
Our flexible services allow you to choose a customized solution covering:

  • Payroll processing and reporting
  • Tax filing and administration
  • W-2 and W-3 reporting and filing
  • Deductions for benefits, garnishments, liens and child support orders
  • Payroll reports, including job costing and certified payroll reporting
  • Full-time, online payroll reporting
  • Direct deposits

Fully Integrated Systems

The Problem
When systems aren’t integrated, it takes time to gather all the information you need to calculate payroll correctly. Manual processes only add to the risk of error, which could mean you pay employees the wrong amount or at the wrong time. Not only does this take more administration time to resolve, it also leads to unhappy employees.

Our Solution
With our fully integrated platform, information flows automatically from HR and scheduling to time and attendance and payroll. This eliminates the need for manual processes, and makes sure that pay runs are accurate and on-time.

Access to Payroll Specialists

The Problem
When you really need advice, the last thing you want is to be passed around the houses. You need to speak to the right person and get answers quickly so you can resolve issues and move forward.

Our Solution
We provide on-demand access to a dedicated, qualified hospitality payroll specialist. So you get answers quickly.