HR Outsourced Services

Outsourcing your HR management doesn’t mean giving up control. With a trusted and proven partner it means regaining control – of your time and budgets so you can focus on growth.

The Challenges

  • Managing HR is too administration-heavy and labor-intensive, eating up time that could be focused elsewhere.
  • You’re not confident that you can keep up with regulations.
  • Too many providers restrict their services in an ‘all or nothing’ approach, which means you pay for services you don’t need

Key Benefits

  • Flexible options to meet your individual needs – today and tomorrow. 
  • Reduce administration, freeing up time so you can focus on growth.
  • Strategic control of employee-related costs to increase profits, reduce liability and increase employee productivity.
  • Our services are designed for the unique needs of restaurants and hospitality businesses. 



Human Resources

The Problem
Expanding regulations, administrative headaches and escalating costs are dramatically affecting restaurants and hospitality businesses. Managing this internally isn’t just difficult, it can affect the growth of your business.

Our Solution
When you outsource to us, we manage the ever-growing complexity of today’s HR responsibilities for you – containing costs, reducing employee-related risks and relieving the administrative burden. This frees up time for your teams to focus on the areas of the business that actually generate revenue.

Our regulatory compliance and HR management includes:

  • Web-based customized federal compliant employee handbook
  • New hire reporting
  • Job descriptions
  • Performance appraisal manual
  • Help with resolving employee complaints
  • Proper forms for all employee issues
  • Employee separation process
  • Managing unemployment claims (see below)
  • HR supervisory training
  • HR policy and procedures development
  • I-9 verification and tracking assistance
  • Access to our eBook library
  • Employee file maintenance: record keeping, change of status, etc.
  • Background checks
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Unemployment Claims Administration

The Problem
In today’s business and economic climate, controlling rising unemployment costs is a critical yet challenging task. Many employers are unfamiliar with laws and regulations, and do not have the time and resources to properly defend themselves and successfully fight claims. One simple claim can cost a business thousands of dollars in taxes and affect its tax rate for three years.

Our Solution
Our proactive claims management service removes the headaches associated with handling claims and phone calls from the state, including:

  • Consulting on employee problems as they arise. Advising how to avoid an unemployment claim before it is filed.
  • Claims administration. Complete and thorough investigation of each claim to establish the best approach. We collect all relevant facts and interview witnesses, present your case to the state and advocate on your behalf. We respond to all inquiries, review determinations for accuracy and request correction of errors.
  • Appeals representation. We review adverse determinations and discuss with you whether to file an appeal. We make the request to the Unemployment Appeals Commission, represent you in all hearings, and one of our experienced representatives organizes, prepares and helps you present each case. 
  • Auditing. Frequent mistakes by the state cost employers thousands every year. We review all quarterly tax notices of benefits to make sure you’re not incorrectly charged. 
  • Education and training. Seminars for managers at your site, training them in how to proactively avoid unemployment claims.

Workers' Compensation Risk Management

The Problem
Restaurants and hospitality businesses face greater risks of employee injury than most businesses. Aside from the hazards of the kitchen or specific equipment, everyday physical work can cause back injury or sprains. This kind of risk can not only result in possible lawsuits but can lead to lost time and productivity.

Our Solution
Our HR risk management services provide effective safety programs to help you reduce risk, which can increase productivity, improve morale and reduce costs. We offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Injury loss analysis, where we identify the trends and benchmarks that drive losses.
  • Risk control action plans to improve safety.
  • Engineering controls, safe work practices and training programs to mitigate risk.

      Management safety:

      • Strategic safety management

      • Pre-injury management
      • Safety observation and feedback skills
      • Safety inspection and auditing skills
      • Safety train-the-trainer courses

      Safety programs and employee training:

      • Industry specific safety programs
      • Injury prevention training programs relating to slips, trips and falls
      • Equipment and machine guarding safety
      • Back injury prevention
      • Preventing heart-related Illnesses
      • Personal protective equipment
      • Hearing conservation
      • Hazard communication
      • Respiratory protection
      • Maintenance and tool safety
      • Welding safety
      • Fire and electrical safety including Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO)
      • Emergency action plans
      • Lighting safety
      • Bloodborne pathogens


        Customized HR Solutions

        The Problem
        Every business is different, and it can be a challenge to find a HR services partner that both understands this and is willing to customize its services to meet your needs. Sometimes, it just feels easier to carry on internally managing HR processes.

        Our Solution
        We’ve created a flexible suite of services for you to choose from. But we also know that some businesses need something more bespoke. We’ll happily discuss your requirements and build a customized service.

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