Imagine always knowing what is around the corner

Our hospitality software takes a systematic approach to forecasting, so you’re always prepared. It automatically captures POS data, weather forecasts and information on events that might affect demand. Predictive algorithms calculate a daily baseline forecast for review and benchmarking. This is broken down into periods as short as 15 minutes by sales item, ready for local managers to refine further as required. You have the stock and staff you need, when and where they are needed – every time.

  • You get accuracy that is way beyond old-fashioned revenue forecasting.
  • The demand forecast is based on a multi-layered algorithm that takes into account same day last year, recent trends, notable days, last year trend, public holidays, local events, national events and weather.
  • Local know-how counts too. Managers can overlay local knowledge to refine the forecast.

Purchase-to-Pay & Inventory

Are you confident that you have the right products in the right place at the right time? Our smart stock management software systems calculate everything (even safety stock and supplier lead times), so HQ has room to maneuver central product allocations. Ordering becomes more accurate, so there’s less wastage and no missed sales opportunities.

Fourth Purchase to Pay & Inventory Solutions

Workforce Planning

Get the right people doing the right job where it counts – and watch your productivity soar. Our workforce planning solution knows exactly how long each task should take, so you can allocate the right number of people at any time of day. Service gets faster and sales rise.

Fourth Workforce Management Solutions

Analytics & Data

Our demand forecast technology never rests. Business performance is constantly fed back into the system, producing increasingly accurate results. Meanwhile, Fourth Analytics for hospitality creates new profit opportunities by providing insight on demand.

Fourth Analytics & Data Solution