Workforce Management

360° view of labor performance versus cost, employee balanced score cards and much, much more.

People are the greatest asset, opportunity and threat, and the biggest cost for a hospitality business, so it’s important to fully understand all aspects of your workforce. Fourth Analytics uncovers the mysteries of the workforce, unlocking this information like never before.

The Challenge

  • It’s difficult to see the direct impact between the policies and processes the business puts in place, and the results.
  • It’s hard to keep track of starters, leavers, training, holidays and absences.
  • Information comes in formats that are difficult to interpret.
  • It can be difficult for HR directors to get the facts they need to really lead the people agenda.
  • Performance reviews often lack tangible data to lead the discussion.

Fourth Analytics gives you one version of the truth. When it comes to your staff, our workforce management analytics turn your data into real information. Now you can visualize, interrogate and interact with vital information in seconds.

Key Benefits

  • All HR information delivered in one place – absences, performance issues, average revenue per check, average clock in times, average tip earnings, and much, much more.
  • Truly understand the impact of employee projects and policies, and spot key trends.
  • Identify efficiency opportunities, potentially saving up to 2% in labor costs.
  • See what’s important to your business with customizable dashboards.
  • See over- and under-spend with payroll analysis reporting.
  • Employee balanced scorecards deliver factual insights into employee performance.





The Problem
You can only truly understand your business performance when you understand the trends behind your HR data. Unfortunately, this is often in silos and extracting the intelligence is complex at best and impossible at worst.

Our Solution
Fourth Analytics’ smart charts and graphs show you the trends in all your starters and leavers and their training, holidays and absence data. With Fourth’s HR software solutions, automated KPI reporting takes seconds not days. Gender splits and job function analysis are now easy to see.

1. See labor cost efficiency over time
1. Track your staff’s attendance record
2. Track your staff’s attendance record according to your own thresholds and parameters
3. Alerts staff not clocking in or out or both
4. Easily see the best and worst performing sites for hours paid vs hours worked
5. What can one site learn from another?
1. Track reasons for absences 
2. Track absences across the business to spot trends
1. Track absences by reason
2. Track absences by month
1. Track absences by length of service and employment type


The Problem
Accurate data on true business performance, whether it’s labor productivity, recruitment or staff retention, is hard to find and even harder to extract and interpret. Poor patterns are missed and subsequently repeated.

Our Solution
Now all the intelligence in your data is transformed into graphical information. Automated staff turnover reporting shows why you lose people and where you are recruiting well, by brand, GM and region. Meanwhile, reports such as gender pay gap analysis help you comply with legislation and regulations. Automated actual versus budget labor reporting shows your true labor cost in seconds, while automated forecasts show how well sites are scheduling. At a glance you can see which areas need attention.

1. Easily see the variance between actual hours vs required hours to meet forecast demand
2. Highlights overstaffing by timeslots
1. See when the biggest areas of labor overspend occur
2. See who the best – and worst - performing Area Managers are
1. See leavers by Area Manager
2. What can one AM learn from another AM?
3. Many returning home to their country of origin: too much reliance on transient labor?
4. Loss of staff to the competition: do paty rates need addressing?
1. Is this disparity in Leavers' gender in line with the overall gender mix?
2. Why is Brand B losing more people than Brand A?

Employee Balanced Scorecard

The Problem
Bringing together all of the data for a particular employee can be almost impossible. You need to look at absences, performance issues, average revenue per check, average clock in times, average tip earnings, penetration of starters and drinks, and a whole lot more.

Our Solution
The Employee Balanced Scorecards in Fourth Analytics bring together all key data related to the employee and make it easy to compare performance against their colleagues. These insights help highlight training opportunities and make sure the stars in your business can be recognized for their performance.


The Problem
Transient, seasonal, part-time and full-time workers are paid hourly, weekly or monthly with differing retirement plan contributions, which often results in errors and staff being overpaid. True payroll performance analysis can be costly and labor-intensive.

Our Solution
Smart charts in Fourth Analytics show you what’s really happening. At a glance, the dashboards show you all your data any way you need it, so you can make sure your staff have the right pay and the right 401K or retirement plan contributions every pay period – with no overspend.

1. See gross to net pay history
2. And payment/deduction type history


1. See gross to net pay history by AM


Our Workforce Management solution is available in four Editions, depending on how much control you want.

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