Point of Sale

Full POS data Integration delivers meaningful insight from every transaction that goes through the till.

Tills are the workhorses of every site. They record what happens every minute of every shift. Imagine what you could learn if you could unlock that data.

The Fourth Analytics Flash P&L – accurate, timely and at the click of a mouse. Saves one person two days a week.
1. Filter your data any way you want.
2. The power to interpret masses of data in a heartbeat.
3. Measure your actual vs. your theoretical GP

The Challenges

  • Your tills are functional tools, not windows into your business.
  • The data is all there – but you can’t see it, let alone understand it.
  • It’s difficult to see correlations between staffing levels, product availability, recipes and sales. 
  • You think that bringing this data together will cost tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds in bespoke projects that will take months to complete. 

If only tills could talk. With Fourth they do. By linking your labor and purchase-to-pay data with POS, no information stays hidden. Fourth Analytics transforms it into valuable intelligence you can act on immediately.

Key Benefits

  • Take full control of your business quicker and with less investment, taking advantage of over 5 years of development in Fourth Analytics.
  • Get as much transaction detail as you need.
  • See the profitability of each 15-minute timeslot.
  • Easily spot trends and opportunities, like special nights to drive business at the end of the day.
  • Slice that intelligence by sales, margins and labor.
  • Analyze staff behavior including upsells, voids, discounts and participation in offers and promotions.
  • Employee balanced scorecards identify your stars, and those who could use some help.
  • Get greater insight into revenue and margin with basket analysis that reveals customer preferences and ordering habits.
  • Maximize profit by focusing on the least profitable segments, with timeslot analysis by 15-minute intervals.
  • Get a better view of customer buying habits, so you can understand them better and improve the guest experience.




POS integration

The Problem
Without integrating POS data with information on products and workforce, you can’t get a full understanding of how well you’re performing and where sales opportunities exist.

Our Solution
Throughout our time supporting this sector, we’ve integrated a number of POS providers into the Fourth Platform. And by scaling and standardizing Fourth Analytics, any POS company can integrate their data via our POS gateway. This data can then be presented in Fourth’s pre-built, hospitality specific dashboards. To see our existing integrations, take a look at our technology partners.

Flash P&L

The Problem
With siloed data, getting an overview of performance for a particular day would take hours to collate.

Our Solution
Fourth Analytics provides a snapshot of the day to see what was sold when and at what margin, combined with the cost of labor, actual vs theoretical GP and margins across the day.

Average spend per head

The Problem
In many businesses average spend per head is estimated, meaning you can’t base decisions on specific, accurate data.

Our Solution
With Fourth Analytics, you now get an accurate view across the day and week, allowing you to see, for example, which day or location has the highest spend per head. You can also drill down into the data to see which part of the day is performing best.

Participation/penetration reporting

The Problem
Getting an accurate picture of what your customers are buying can be difficult without manually combining data.

Our Solution
Fourth Analytics breaks down exactly what customers are buying. Now you can see the number of customers that had a soft drink with their main, or how many had a starter. You can even break this down by sites or servers to see, for example, who could be selling more desserts.

Timeslot Profitability

The Problem
Keeping your sites busy between peak times is challenging. Discounts and promotions are effective, but are they cannibalizing your full-price peak business? If only you could measure how well your strategy is working using detailed timeslot profitability analysis.

Our Solution
Fourth dashboards tell you everything you need to know. Learn what’s working and what isn’t. See where offers increase your traffic and how to make your peak hours even more profitable.

The Fourth Analytics Flash P&L – accurate, timely and at the click of a mouse. Saves one person two days a week.
1. Breakdown: actual vs. required labour hours by timeslot
2. See where there are dips in trade and where labour could be optimised


The Problem
To fully understand the guest experience, you need data to show waiting times in your business. How long have customers been seated before the order goes through? How long did they wait between courses, or to pay the bill?

Our Solution
Now you can see average wait times and get a fuller picture of the experience your guests received. Armed with this information, you can look at ways to reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction.

The Fourth Analytics Flash P&L – accurate, timely and at the click of a mouse. Saves one person two days a week.
1. See their upsell performance
2. See the employee’s cost
3. versus the revenue they generate
4. and customers satisfaction with them
5. See further KPIs including their time & attendance, voids/discounts activity and absences
6. See key HR & Training stats by employee

Employee Performance

The Problem
Linking financial performance to individual employees has historically been difficult. Integration between POS and back of house systems was ill-conceived at best and non-existent at worst.

Our Solution
With Fourth, you get a 360-degree view of your staff’s performance, by individual, team, area and brand. On the employee balanced scorecard, you can easily see the cost of each employee against the revenue they generate. Compare time and attendance, voids and discount activity, and absences. You can also easily analyze upsell and customer satisfaction scores.

Voids & Discounting

The Problem
To be useful, your data must reflect what’s really happening in your outlets. The impact of staff actions on overall performance is obvious but difficult to measure and analyze.

Our Solution
Now charts and graphs raise red flags on abnormal void activity and above-average discounting, so you can make unexplained stock shortages a thing of the past. With Fourth hospitality software, every POS key stroke is traceable to individuals, team, area and brand. Analytics are easy to understand so you can take action fast.

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