Integrated Analytics

All the intelligence you need, from virtually any system.

To get the complete picture, you can’t just integrate with in-house systems like POS. You need to add external sources of intelligence, but this can seem impossible, with so many disparate systems and information streams.

The Challenge

  • You’re surrounded by data from multiple sources – but can’t make it fit.
  • It takes a huge manual effort to pull together information and make sense of it.
  • Integrating information from different systems seems impossible.
  • Your business is operating in silos, using one-dimensional reports. 

Fourth brings all the silos together so you see a broader, clearer picture than your competitors.

Key Benefits

  • Go beyond your own data to get a full understanding of your business.
  • Make better decisions by including customer feedback, environmental health, presence data, mystery diner, review sites and social media ratings.
  • Manage your workflow better by integrating with kitchen display systems.
  • Data is transformed into easy-to-interpret, useful intelligence.
  • With Fourth Analytics integration, all the information that once had to be manually compiled, is now available in user-friendly dashboards, ready to be acted upon.


Existing Integrations

The Problem
Integrating one system with another has always been a daunting task, with the prospect of days or weeks of consultation, development and testing to get the data flowing correctly.

Our Solution
With over 1,200 customers and more than 15 years of delivering innovation to the hospitality sector, we’ve already integrated with a wide range of other applications, including major POS providers. We have fully functioning Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that make it easy to implement integrations for new customers.

Fourth also has a dedicated partner program, allowing us to work closely with trusted suppliers and recommend add-on solutions to our customers. Take a look at our technology partners.

Fourth Connect

The Problem
With the range of hospitality solutions available in the market today, you may have a customized or relatively uncommon solution that you want to connect to Fourth. Again, this would previously have been a complex and time-consuming task.

Our Solution
Fourth Connect is designed to speed up and simplify the process of integrating Fourth’s solutions with a customer’s in-house system or third-party solution – ensuring that data flows seamlessly between the systems as required. With a range of options for data export and receiving points, the ability to schedule exports at specific times and days, and to perform validation and calculations on the exported data, Fourth Connect allows us to quickly provide high-level integrations for our customers.

Sentiment analytics

The Problem
Drawing meaningful conclusions between customer reviews and what’s happening in your business can seem practically impossible. Staying on top of reviews through multiple platforms can be difficult, and opportunities to correlate these with what actually happened in the business are extremely limited.

Our Solution
Fourth Analytics allows you to look at customer feedback in direct context with key business drivers. It uses unique customer sentiment analytics and natural language processing algorithms to identify positive and negative opinions from social media and review sites. Combining this data with key purchase-to-pay and workforce management data then provides a whole new dimension, allowing you to quickly make sense of the data and the impact of what your customers are saying.


Additional Integrations

Fourth Analytics also brings in feeds from a whole raft of other integrated systems including:

  • Guest satisfaction scores
  • Health and safety
  • Weather forecast
  • Employee feedback and pulse surveys
  • Kitchen management systems 

...and many more

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All you need to run Fourth’s products is a device with an internet browser. Yup, that’s it.