Get your customers to visit, return and stay loyal.

With the Fourth platform, your managers complete their daily tasks on the go, so they spend less time in the back-office and more time supporting their teams and helping customers. Service shines and customers stay happy.

Purchase-to-Pay & Inventory

Meet demand by ordering exactly what you need, when you need it. Our purchasing solution keeps profitable items on the menu, so you won’t need to have those uncomfortable conversations about what’s available. Customers get the dish they want, cooked and presented to the same standard, every time, whichever outlet they’re in. Staff have easy access to nutritional and allergen information to answer customers’ questions, and you can publish this information to websites, apps and more. It’s a big deal for customers and a big competitive advantage for you.

Fourth Purchase to Pay Solutions

Workforce Planning

Get the right people in the right place at the right time. Our unique engagement solution gives you the simplest, most reliable way to connect with and motivate your staff. Staff greet customers warmly, answer their questions knowledgeably, take and deliver orders accurately – and find it easier to upsell. Demand forecasting means you’re always correctly staffed, so customers aren’t left waiting.


HR & Payroll Services

Designed to relieve the administration burdens of HR, our HR & Payroll services provide flexible options tailored to your individual needs - saving you time so you can focus on your goals.

Fourth Workforce Management Solutions

Analytics & Data

When you understand what’s really going on, you can decide what to do about it. Our hospitality analytics solution integrates with POS data, so you can easily track customer satisfaction, menu availability and a host of other useful metrics. Who’s your star upseller? What’s your most popular and profitable dish? How do mystery diners rate you? What are customers saying on social media? Simple graphic dashboards give you all the insight you need with no fuss.

Fourth Analytics & Data Solution