Fourth at the 2019 NRA Show: Nutritional information and menu publishing

Written by: Andrew Levey

Nutritional information and menu publishing - moving beyond compliance.
Nutritional information and menus are a core theme again this year at the NRA show in Chicago, but not just from a perspective of complying with impending food labeling regulations. Savvy operators are now looking at opportunities beyond compliance.

That’s not to say that food labeling regulations are not on operator’s minds. Concerns about the cost of compliance (from lab costs to get accurate information, to publishing costs) and how it might limit an operation’s ability to be innovative and stay competitive appear in almost all conversations on this topic.

Fortunately, technology can help alleviate some of these fears. With a fully-integrated solution, nutritional data can be downloaded directly from the USDA database, eliminating expensive lab testing. Chefs can see the nutritional information of dishes as they’re being created, and can easily see how changing ingredients impacts calorie counts. What’s more, with a single set of master data, product and ingredient information can be automatically pushed to purchasing and inventory management and the POS, ensuring accuracy and avoiding re-keying data which can bring in errors.

When it comes to publishing, technology can also help you reduce costs and remove busywork. Through automation, any menu changes can be instantly published to your website or apps, and pre-built menu templates allow sites to print new menus locally while maintaining brand standards. This means you can continue to innovate, capitalize on trends and opportunities, and stay competitive.

But operators are now starting to see the opportunities beyond compliance, as the same technology can also provide opportunities to attract new business. For example, lower-calorie recipes can help attract health-conscious consumers, while popular dishes could be tweaked to make them more appealing to the health conscious, or offered in two sizes so your customers have a choice. You can also track allergen information, and make sure you have menu items that will satisfy all of your guests.

With an integrated recipe and menu engineering and purchasing solution, you can also easily keep on top of the profitability of your dishes. New supplier pricing can be uploaded to the system, which then automatically updates all of your recipes to incorporate the new costs. You can then easily see the opportunity to reduce costs, without compromising on quality.

To learn more about the additional benefits this technology can bring over compliance, take a look at our complimentary guide on nutritional and allergen information.

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