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Meet the Villains: Part 2

Written by: Jane Handel

Our Meet the Villain series continues. This week, learn how your team can stop the Rogue Spender in his tracks.

Managing inventory—and your time

Written by: Jane Handel

Stock-counting frequencies vary by organization. Finding an inventory counting method that fits with your operational practices (or even one that aligns with your brand or concept) is crucial to maintaining a healthy bottom line and limiting bad surprises.

Achieving Accurate Forecasting

Written by: Jane Handel

The more accurate the forecast, the more profitable the business. Learn how you can achieve the most accurate forecast possible.

Meet the Villains: Part 1

Written by: Jane Handel

In the first of our Meet the Villain series, you'll learn about the Busywork Beast in the Back-Office Lair, and how your team can defeat it!

Maintain compliance with predictive scheduling

Written by: Jane Handel

Predictive scheduling laws are designed to help employees gain some predictability with their schedules, but the burden of logistics tends to fall on general managers. Luckily, there's a solution.

Managing invoices by exception–an exceptionally good idea

Written by: Jane Handel

It takes a lot of time to review every single invoice against every delivery against every original order, and time is money. How can you ensure accuracy while achieving better efficiency? The secret is managing invoices by exception with 3-way invoice matching.

A letter to our valued customers

Written by: Ben Hood, CEO

We are thrilled to announce that Fourth has merged business operations with HotSchedules, the US’ leading provider of hospitality technology, to create the hospitality industry’s first and only fully integrated intelligent operations software and solutions for workforce and cost-control management.

The evolution of scheduling

Written by: Jane Handel

Getting the right people on the right shift at the right time can be easier said than done. Operators have been trying different approaches: by budget, SPLH, or by covers, but each has its limitations. Luckily, there is a more effective, scientific approach to scheduling that can help you get ahead.

A secret to success: Integrating back-office systems

Written by: Jane Handel

From easing administrative burdens, to eliminating errors, to uncovering previously hidden insights, to improving customer satisfaction, fully integrating your back-office system will make measurable improvements for your restaurant. Read on to learn how you can help your restaurant run more smoothly, efficiently, and profitably.

Single sign-on: a singularly good idea

Written by: Jane Handel

Reducing usernames and passwords and increasing productivity, single sign-on capabilities will let your staff get to work faster, and with fewer frustrations.

Fourth at the 2019 NRA Show: General Manager engagement and work/life balance

Written by: Andrew Levey

Employee engagement and retention is a big theme once again at the National Restaurant Association show. But this time there's more emphasis on the General Manager, with TDn2K research showing that only 35% can be classified as engaged, and only 11% expressing that their job allows them enough time to spend with family and friends.

Drowning in data? Integrated analytics can be your lifeboat.

Written by: Jane Handel

Data, data, everywhere. With so many software programs and systems serving today's hospitality industry, we're surrounded by a huge amount of data. How can you get the information you need, when you need it, and gain actionable insight from the data you have? Integrated analytics can help.

Five steps to reducing waste

Written by: Jane Handel

US Restaurants throw away $25 billion worth of food every year. Learn how you can reduce the negative impact on the planet and your bottom line by limiting and managing waste in your restaurant.

Dining out with an allergy: a guest's perspective

Written by: Jane Handel

In the US, more than 15 million people have food allergies. What's it like to dine out with one? What can restaurants do to better serve and protect their guests? We interviewed Mark Kember, who has a severe nut allergy, about his experience.

Culture as a competitive advantage

Written by: Jane Handel

Prioritizing a positive company culture and engaging your employees will help your restaurant get (and stay) ahead. The right technology can help get you there faster.