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High complexity hospitality payroll. Our speciality.

Shift workers, variable hours, temporary staff, zero hours, additional payments, sign-off processes – it's all part of payroll in our sector.

The Challenge

  • Getting pay right every time is fundamental – but it’s hard.
  • Pension calculations are complex and time-consuming.
  • Sensitive pay information must always be kept secure.
  • Payroll information and processes are spread around the business.

Our payroll management software solution was built for this and more. You get flexible, secure payroll for multiple employments, varying pay rates, cross-charging and staff turnover. And it takes care of pensions too.

Key Benefits

  • Pay employees accurately the first time and every time thereafter.
  • Calculate pensions correctly.
  • Our software has achieved HMRC recognition and is accredited by the Payroll Quality Partnership (PQP).
  • We deliver superior service with 60+ industry standard payroll and risk mitigation checks on every payroll.
  • CIPP Award-winning payroll software offers faster processing times and reduced admin with no data imports or exports.
  • It's the UK’s only pension solution that links direct to payroll for a complete auto-enrolment assessment cycle.
  • All our payroll specialists are Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP)-qualified.
  • Powerful payroll analytics tell the story behind the data and enable better, faster decision-making.



Fourth Payroll

The Problem
Standard payroll companies struggle with the complexity of the hospitality sector. Transient, seasonal, part-time and full-time workers who are paid hourly, weekly or monthly means that errors and overpayments are common.

The Solution
Our HMRC-accredited cloud-based payroll service is a fully integrated part of our workforce planning solution. This means a single record for each employee across HR, scheduling and payroll. Customisable timesheets, importing capabilities and self-service for employees and managers reduce admin for everyone. And by integrating with BACS and finance systems, it offers straightforward payment and serves multiple PAYE companies. Perfect for restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs and other hospitality businesses.



Payroll Screenshot




The Fourth Payroll Bureau Service

The Problem
Payroll is complex and labour-intensive and the frequency of pay periods and multitude of employment types create a fertile breeding ground for errors. Rectifying payroll issues isn’t just difficult, it can also damage employee relations.

Our Solution
When you outsource your payroll to us, we take complete care of paying your employees, with no hidden costs. There’s no risk of penalties as we handle all aspects of compliance with payroll legislation. You have on-demand access to a qualified payroll hospitality specialist. You get perfect payroll, reducing or eliminating the need for in-house payroll – and it’s all fully HMRC-compliant.



The Problem
The hospitality workforce is particularly affected by the complex UK pension reform. With its highly flexible and seasonal nature and the difficulty in working out the qualifying earnings in each pay period, calculating pensions quickly becomes onerous.

Our Solution
Our CIPP award-winning auto-enrolment service is a fully integrated part of our payroll management solution. It streamlines and automates the checks and calculations required each pay period – and produces quick, accurate numbers, eliminating any errors from data duplication. As a result, your pension process is fully compliant each pay period – and the burden on employees is significantly reduced.





The Fourth Auto Enrolment Service

The Problem
Compliance with the UK pension reform’s auto-enrolment scheme is both mandatory and complex due to the frequency of pay periods and multitude of employment types. Manually calculating qualifying earnings each pay period for automatic enrolment takes a great deal of time – and non-compliance is costly.

Our Solution
When you outsource to us, our pension specialists manage the auto-enrolment admin process for you. Every payroll a dedicated legislation expert reconciles all pension contributions against payroll and pension providers’ reports. They manage employee opt-ins and joiners, opt-outs and contribution refunds, and employee transfers between schemes, as well as handling all communications. And each month you receive reconciliations giving totals of amounts to pay to each provider.

Auto Enrolment Managed Service Brochure


The Problem
Managing expenses is time-consuming and complex. Employees spend hours on long lists of claims. Administrators must then categorise the claims correctly for VAT, manage mileage schemes, and ensure expenses are approved and paid on time.

Our Solution
Our fully-integrated expense solution allows the user to log their expenses as they happen. Each expense type is categorised automatically for VAT purposes. Complex mileage schemes can be set up with workflow management for quick and accurate authorisation.



Pay revolution for the hospitality sector - On-demand pay

Income Streaming

The Problem
Millennial workers want greater autonomy over when and how they are paid. This is particularly relevant when they need money quickly and sometimes resort to expensive payday loans.

Our Solution
Give employees more control over when they get paid by letting them access a percentage of their earned pay during the pay period, with no impact to the normal payroll process or company cashflow. This helps remove financial stress by giving them access to earned money in an emergency. It also allows workers to take on additional shifts to quickly earn additional pay and provides an attractive extra benefit for prospective employees.

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Our Workforce Management solution is available in four Editions, depending on how much control you want.


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I must tell you how impressed I am with your auto enrolment team. They were and are extremely helpful ... patient and ...understanding. This is an excellent example of going beyond the mile and making customer care so personal.Truly impressed.Many many compliments to them

Madura Namala HR Director

We chose Fourth Payroll because of its proven benefits of minimising payroll costs and saving employee office time. Our transfer to the new payroll system was very smooth thanks to the Fourth project team...Fourth should be commended on this achievement as well as the excellent training provided to our teams

Simon Wilkinson CEO


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