Recipe & Menu Engineering

Creativity and cost control working perfectly together in the kitchen

Use menu engineering to effectively price your menus and plan your portion sizes, margins, costs and purchasing strategy in advance.

The Challenges

  • You get nasty surprises when you calculate actual margins.
  • You regularly pay over the odds for goods and services.
  • It’s hard to refresh menus or change suppliers.

With our recipe costing software, now you can focus on every budget detail, while unleashing creativity in the kitchen – so customers keep coming back. You can get the best from your chefs while cutting every penny of unnecessary expenditure.

Key Benefits

  • Multi-user environment provides real-time access to all data.
  • Recipe management delivers accurate cost calculations for recipes, menus and menu cycles.
  • One place to see exactly what drives your margins.



Recipe Management

The Problem
Accurate recipe costing depends on reliable data. Seasonal menus, new suppliers and ingredient changes all hugely affect margins. Re-keying manually to try and report accurately leads to errors and inconsistencies.

Our Solution
Our solution allows accurate cost calculation of recipes and menu cycles to remove all the guesswork around menu engineering analysis and menu pricing. All costs related to product or recipe changes are automatically recalculated. You can share a central recipe library across the business, ensuring consistency. And detailed reporting and smart analytics help deliver cost savings and efficiency.

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Easily plan menu cycles with full menu cost, nutritional analysis and allergen information.

Menu Cycles

The Problem
Quickly and easily planning menu cycles appropriate to the operation you run, with the right variety at the right cost point, can be a huge challenge. Once designed, you need to make sure that menus are available with the correct allergen and nutritional information at the right locations and at the right time.

Our Solution
Full and varied menu cycles are easy to plan and build, using a weekly view that shows all the different meal periods for each day and the recipes allocated to each period. Full menu cost, nutritional analysis, and allergen information is available for any given day or week within the cycle. And, once published centrally, menus are instantly available to the right locations at the right times via PCs or tablets, giving you complete control.



Choose one of four Editions of our purchase-to-pay and Inventory solution, depending on how much control you want.


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Fourth’s recipe & menu engineering solution saves far more than it costs. We could not run our business efficiently without it. I can’t imagine being without it... I would absolutely recommend it to any hospitality business needing accurate, reliable recipe creation and costings.

Christine Parker Catering Compliance Manager


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